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John Cox 

Coach Cox has been running since 2012

and like many Brits was inspired by the London Olympics.

"I wanted to be the next Mo Farah! I soon realised that I probably wouldn't go on to gold medal at the Olympics but, after years of dedication and consistency, I've achieved many of my goals. There's nothing I love more than bettering myself everyday - and helping others do the same!"

John loves to run, race and train athletes across a range of distances. He's completed 100+ parkruns, 5Ks, 10Ks, Half Marathons, Marathons and even a few Ultra Marathons.

 His range of personal bests include a 16:39 5K, 34:42 10K, 1:17 Half, 2:57 official Marathon (plus a 2:50 TT in 2020)

and 26 Hour 100Miler!

Some of Coach Cox's recent successes have been helping, supporting and encouraging athletes to run their first Sub 30 5K and Sub 3 marathon. He does this through carefully planned, personalised training plans which he adjusts and adapts according to feedback from his athletes.

"I'm always running or reading about running and, this year, I have began a Sports, Fitness and Coaching degree. I want to learn as much as I can so that I can create interesting, varied and creative sessions for my athletes."

John also hosts the Single Malt Marathoners Podcast and has interviewed some of the most elite athletes and experts in the running field and gained a wealth of knowledge from this.

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Personal Bests









  • 100+ Parkruns

  • Sub 3hr Marathoner

  • 100miler Finisher

  • Coached numerous athletes to sub 30min 5ks through to Sub 3hr Marathons.

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