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Waiver and Release


I acknowledge that a training program set by Run2PB involves strenuous activity, with cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal stresses and it is my sole responsibility to ensure my physical condition is not at risk by participating in such a strenuous activity.


It is necessary to have a physical exam by a physician before beginning any strenuous exercise program.

I understand the risks involved in running, walking or other fitness activities and assume personal responsibility for my health and safety while participating in this program.

I’m in proper physical condition to undertake a running program. I release Run2PB from any and all claims or damages arising from my participation in an individualised training program.

I Agree

Thank you for submitting, you will be hearing shortly from your personal running coach.

All our coaches are also available for all year round coaching, 

these are completely customised programs and can be targeted towards any goals and future events you have in mind.


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Be guided to a new P.B all year round.

All our coaches are also available for all year roundcoaching, these are completely customised programsand can be targeted towards any goals and future events you have in mind.

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