Ongoing Coaching to help you chase your PBs 

All our coaches are also available for all year round coaching, these are completely customised programs and can be targeted towards any goals and future events you have in mind.


$109 AUD

Ongoing Monthly

✔ Initial Discovery Call to discuss training and race goals

✔ Individualised Training Program

✔ 24/7 Access to our Online Training Platform

✔ Unlimited Communication with your coach via EMAIL.

✔ Unlimited Training Plan Modifications

✔ Plus so much more

Monthly On-Going


Minimum 2 month commitment

Sign up Here

1. Sign up below, enter all your details, P.B's, running history and goal races.

2. You chosen or matched coach will be in touch within 24hrs to set up a call.

3. After your call, your personalised program will be designed and you will have 24/7 access to our training platform.

Ongoing Coaching Monthly Rate - $109 AUD*

Minimum 2 month Commitment.

Personal Best Times:

(include dates and location)

Coach Preference (Subject to Availability*)


*Run2PB offers highly personalised one-one coaching so please be aware that rosters from time to time may be full and waiting lists may apply for specific coaches, however we will offer you recommended matches also.


Running History:

How did you hear about Run2PB:

Discount / Referral Code:

Waiver and Release


I acknowledge that a training program set by Run2PB involves

strenuous activity, and of it's nature involves fatigue and stress to the body, including the heart, muscles and bones.


It is necessary to have a physical exam by a physician before beginning any strenuous exercise program.

I understand the risks involved in running, walking or other fitness activities and assume personal responsibility for my health and safety while participating in this program.

I’m in proper physical condition to undertake a running program. I release Run2PB from any and all claims or damages arising from my participation in an individualised training program.

I have approval from my physician or GP.
I Agree

Our Online Coaching is loved

by runners all over the world.



Our expert coaches

plan your training strategically and with purpose, we tell you when to run, how much to run and what pace.


We construct a weekly personalised program fit in with your work

and family commitments.  

Perfect for shift workers, remote locations or those who travel frequently for work.



Every single training session is under the watchful

eye of your coach.

Training loads monitored and daily feedback to ensure you stay on track

Race Day


When it comes to race day, your coach is on hand for race strategies, logistic planning, gear advice and fuel strategies.

Terms © 2020 Run2PB Run Coaching.  ABN: 588 325 914 02

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