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For 10 weeks you will be coached by an elite runner

on the hunt for a new P.B

You’ll be supported through the program with a structure 

designed to smash your P.B. 

Run2PB's innovative online

platform ensures that every

aspect of your training session

is monitored, feedback is provided

and training modifications may be made throughout the program.

Your expert coach is on hand to guide you and make sure you stay on track


Only 25 Runners will be

able to experience:

Specific training sessions designed to make you faster that will take your running to the next level.

Learning the ability to close out races stronger than ever before.


Coaches that will structure a custom training program to fit around

your busy lifestyle

Insider tactics and pre race strategies 

to ensure you execute on race day.

Gathering the confidence to

take down P.Bs over any distance.


Application Requirements:

1. Must have recently run under

    25mins for a 5km / Parkrun

2. Willing to commit to a minimum of         3-4 running sessions a week.


3. Be ready to train under the eyes of         an expert coach.

 Cost: 10 Week Program 

            $159 inc GST.

Select the training program

you wish to sign up for:

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*subject to availability.

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Running History:

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Waiver and Release


I acknowledge that a training program set by Run2PB involves

strenuous activity, and of it's nature involves fatigue and stress to the body, including the heart, muscles and bones.


It is necessary to have a physical exam by a physician before beginning any strenuous exercise program.

I understand the risks involved in running, walking or other fitness activities and assume personal responsibility for my health and safety while participating in this program.

I’m in proper physical condition to undertake a running program. I release Run2PB from any and all claims or damages arising from my participation in an individualised training program.

I have approval from my physician or GP.
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