"The variation of distance, time and work out style kept me on my toes and kept me interested, also stopped me stagnating and helped to (try) stop me over-analysing my pace on repeated attempts of the same course. 


More than anything the feedback is priceless. Having someone who knows what's doing keeping an eye on you and letting you know how you're tracking (and able to modify if needs) has 100% been what's missing for me. " 

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"I have definitely seen improvements. I know for certain I wouldn’t have hit the times I did hit at the 10km and the park run without Zac’s help. But, for me, more important is that I am confident that there’s a lot more to come. And that, as an ageing runner, is extremely exciting and motivating.


On a day to day basis Zac is extremely responsive and motivational in the feedback he leaves and does seem to genuinely care about the outcome of my races – again this is highly motivating. "

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