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Run your fastest 5k Ever.

Your coach will set specific training sessions designed to make you faster and take your running to the next level.

Gather the confidence to take down P.Bs over any distance. 

In Depth Custom Training Plan 

An Initial video/ phone call meeting with your expert coach, will include an extensive discussion about running history, lifestyle, time and family commitments, goals and an outline of key training principles that will be deployed in the program.

Custom Training Program is written for you that is made accessible via Final Surge app on smartphone and desktop. This details daily sessions, paces, and coaches directions. Your training sessions are emailed directly to your inbox everyday.


Be coached

by elite runner over 10 weeks.

Gain insights, tactics and strategies for race day to help you execute and run a P.B

Expert Feedback to keep you accountable.

Every session is monitored online by your coach, via the training app, that syncs with your GPS / Smartphone. All key metrics, such as paces, HR data and performance data is constantly analysed and assessed.

You have a direct line to your coach 24/7 with unlimited access via EMAIL.

Unlimited Training modifications throughout the program as goals and directions change with communication between athlete and coach paramount. This is not a one size fits all generic program.

Parkrun Planning and Mental Strategies, your coach will provide you with all the tools to attack your P.B, mapping out and discussing a detailed race plan and strategy to maximise your performance.


to run anytime &


Our programs are loved by runners all over the world.

Our innovative training platform allows your program to be accessible via your smartphone or laptop.

Train with purpose

Sampling random, generic training programs not designed for your needs and googling information to death. The results just haven't matched the effort you've put in. With this program, you will get expert, personalised coaching to assist in smashing your P.B

If you're not sure what sessions you should be doing, why you should be doing them, the type of mileage you should be hitting, how much you should be increasing your running. Our structured training program is designed with purpose and your specific goal in mind.

Meet your coaches.

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Guy Walters

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James Hansen

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Chris Armstrong

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Brady Threlfall

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Karinna Fyfe

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Start TODAY!


Madeline Heiner

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Jack Davies

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Josh Harris

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Sam Mclean

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Zac Newman

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Gemma Maini

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Andy Buchanan

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Isaac Hockey

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What's included in the #Sub20project.

Specific sessions to make you fast

Training sessions with a purpose and structured to ensure you close out races faster than ever before.

Be Coached by elite runners

Gain inside tactics and pre race strategies used by athletes who have been there and can help you smash that P.B



You will be set a program to fit in with your  busy lifestyle and tailored specifically to you. 

expert Feedback

Be guided by your

personal coach,.

The #Sub20Project

has limited places.

Applications Open Now.


Have you recently run under 24 mins for a 5km?

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 5.02.11 am.png

Are you willing to commit to a minimum of 3-4 running sessions a week?


Are you ready to train under the eyes of an expert coach?


For 10 weeks you will be coached by an elite runner

on the hunt for a new P.B

You’ll be supported through the program with a structure 

designed to smash your P.B. 

Run2PB's innovative online

platform ensures that every

aspect of your training session

is monitored, feedback is provided

and training modifications may be made throughout the program.

Your expert coach is on hand to guide you and make sure you stay on track


Runners will be

able to experience:

Specific training sessions designed to make you faster that will take your running to the next level.

Learning the ability to close out races stronger than ever before.


Coaches that will structure a custom training program to fit around

your busy lifestyle

Insider tactics and pre race strategies 

to ensure you execute on race day.

Gathering the confidence to

take down P.Bs over any distance.


Application Requirements:

1. Must have recently run under

    24mins for a 5km / Parkrun

2. Willing to commit to a minimum of         

3-4 running sessions a week.


3. Be ready to train under the eyes of

 an expert coach.

 Cost: 10 Week Program 

            $169.99 inc GST.

Select the training program