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Limited Spots.

Kate Avery -
Online Trail &

Ultra Marathon

Get ready to take your running to the next level with coach Kate Avery - the ultimate online trail and ultra marathon coach!

With her expert guidance and personalised training plans, you'll be crushing your goals and achieving new heights in no time.

Let's lace up those shoes and start this journey!

"The speed doesn't really matter; what matters is that you start and you don't stop"

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UTA50 - 1st

Buffalo Stampede 20km - 2 x 1st

Roller Coaster Run 23km - 1st

Tarawera Ultra Trail 50 - 2nd

Grande Trail Serra d'Arga 27km - 1st

Mozart 100 - 1st

Two Bays Trail Run 28km - 1st 2023, 2nd 2024

Our Online Coaching is loved

by runners all over the world.



Our expert coaches

plan your training strategically and with purpose, we tell you when to run, how much to run and what pace.


We construct a weekly personalised program fit in with your work

and family commitments.  

Perfect for shift workers, remote locations or those who travel frequently for work.



Every single training session is under the watchful

eye of your coach.

Training loads monitored and daily feedback to ensure you stay on track

Race Day


When it comes to race day, your coach is on hand for race strategies, logistic planning, gear advice and fuel strategies.

50km >100km >100 mile> 250km >

Road - Trail - Mountains 

Be coached online to your best race ever.


Kate Avery

Kate has earned a GB vest 19 times across indoor, outdoor, cross country and, most recently, mountain running. She has also podiumed on some of the biggest trail and ultra races around the world. With the knowledge she has gained, this has assisted her in coaching many athletes to accomplish their goals from 20km trail races all the way up to 6 day long ultramarathons. 


Kate also has 14 European medals and 2 World team medals, a 4th place finish in the 10,000m at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and is currently the only British woman to have ever won the NCAA cross-country title.


Having left the track and cross-country behind, Kate is now reaching the same heights on the trails. 2022 saw her earn a top 10 finish at the European Mountain & Trail Running Championships in Spain and a top 20 finish at the World Mountain & Trail Running Championships in Thailand.


These experiences have taught Kate the value of a strong coach-athlete relationship - one that is built upon communication and a shared drive towards the goals of the individual. Her background gives her a wealth of knowledge on training processes and the ability to adapt plans to suit goals across multiple distances, terrains and for varying fitness levels and backgrounds, which she has done successfully for numerous athletes across a wide range of distances.


Be Coached to your next event.

1- 1 Monthly Online Personalised Coaching Includes:

Individualised Training Program

After assessing your running history, goals, lifestyle and time available, we construct a weekly personalised program to help you reach your goal.

Premium Online Training Platform

This allows total visibility to your online coach to view all your workouts live.

Its syncs with your calendar and you will get an email alert every single day with your program details. Its also a tool for providing feedback both physically and mentally with your online coach. We use the final surge training platform, it is recognised as one of the best training platforms in the world.

Initial Video Call Meeting

You get a chance to virtually meet your run coach, program details are discussed with any questions answered. We will also take you on a tutorial on how our innovative training platform final surge is used to ensure we monitor every single session during the training program.

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Unlimited Communication with your coach via EMAIL.

Access to your coach 24/7 for any questions relating to your program, response time will be within 1-2 days.

Unlimited Training Plan Modifications

​Using the final surge training platform all your training sessions are constantly monitored, as are other metrics such as sleep. The data is analysed and if required, your experienced coach will make changes to the program.

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Race Planning and Mental Strategy

Trail and Ultra Running requires careful race planning and tactics, your coach will be able to help you with a proven pacing and hydration strategy to get the very best result on race day.

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Expert Feedback

Every single training session is under the watchful eye of your coach.Your training loads monitored and daily feedback to ensure you stay on track.You will get insights into world class athletes and strategies to help with every session and race to help you achieve your P.B. 

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Discounts on Products and Services

We have a strong network of partners that you will gain access to, which gives you a range of discounts to assist you with your running journey. 

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Priority Access to Special Events and Training Camps

Run2PB hosts and partners with a number of events and as an athlete you will get pre sale options and be first in the know.

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$139 AUD

per month

Minimum sign up 2 months.

Kate 2.jpeg

Limited Spots.


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Trail and Ultra Coaching

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Steph Sign up

Each day..Every Run..Every Session.

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Run2PB Athlete

More than anything the feedback is priceless. Having someone who knows what im doing, keeping an eye on you and letting you know your tracking has been 100% been what's been missing for me.

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Run2PB Athlete

It's been a real game change. I have been running on and off since I was in Primary School but now at 37, I have never been fitter.

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Run2PB Athlete

“I did it sub 2hrs. Raced it beautifully, couple of tough hills but made up the time on the downhill. 

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