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EP123: Better with Running Podcast

Chris and Zac finish off the last episode of 2022, with a recap of their christmas running weeks, including a parkrun appearance at Shepparton from Chris, as he tries to run down a young gun from his club. Zacca takes it easy with some running and golf, as he eyes up a big 2023 season.

The boys reflect on the year as coaches and what they have learnt, and also relay some experiences that other run2pb coaches have around training, patience, communication and nailing the marathon.

Chriso and Zac are joined once again by Erchana Murray Bartlett - Guinness Record Holder who is running a marathon every day, making my way from the tip of mainland Australia (Cape York) to the toe (Melbourne) that’s 155 consecutive marathons for a total of 6,200kms to spread a very important message - Extinction is a CHOICE and she has partnered with the wilderness society to raise $62,000.

We hear about her progress through the cities, including the gold coast and sydney where she has been doing runs with various crews and fans along the way.

Erchana opens up about how she has grappled with dark moments and how she has stayed mentally strong through the epic journey.

We hear about her dealing with online trolls and some privacy issues on strava, before going into some listener questions around the media attention that she will get post race, dealing with being compared to Chris Hemsworth, Serena Williams and Eluid Kipchoge

Erchana tells us how she is funding the trip, and what role her sponsors and brands have played in making this run possible. She finishes the interview with some stats from her strava and how she plans to finish up the famous Tan in Melbourne , taking on the anderson street hill with some segment hunting!


Thank you to all the listeners for tuning into the Better with Running Podcast this year, we are truly grateful for the support and look forward to sharing more running news, perspectives and world records in 2023!

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