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EP124: Better with Running Podcast

In this weeks episode of Better with Running, Chris celebrates his birthday with a number of activities and is surprised at Parkrun with training partners and friends! Zacca heads on a road trip to run with Brady Threlfall (Run2PB Co-Founder/Coach, 2.19 marathoner and host of Inside Running Podcast) we hear about a couple of solid runs and relaxing times.

Zacca stumbles across "SISU" vis some holiday reading and documentaries, and the boys discuss the Finnish philosophy / way of life and how it relates to running.

In the first world record chat instalment of 2023, the boys countdown last years most popular articles on Canadian Running Magazine with a surprise winner.

We then hear about Marathon Man, Gary Mckee who ran a marathon every single day in 2022, and the boys chat through this insane effort whilst working full time and they have some questions!

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