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EP125: Better with Running Podcast

In this weeks episode of Better with Running, Chriso and Zac go into depth with their past few training sessions, including Chris battling through a session with a jammed up body but then following it up with a solid long run with an impromptu kick down. Zacca continues to build with the additional session and handling the increase of load, he battles through a tough threshold and is proud of himself, before backing up for a sharper session of 500s including a battle with an e-scooter.

Around the grounds features results from the Cadbury Marathon, Parkruns and a fast sand 5k!

Hero of the week is crowned, Jess Willis- started mid September with run2pb. Prior to starting haha had a few rocky months with big Covid impact and other health issues. We set about getting into a good routine, staying consistent, continuing to ensure the easy runs were recovery, building the strength back and getting some faster work in (which we noticed had been missing and an Avenue to progress). A big focus was strength building fartleks, longer split tempo’s and Sunday long run over some serious hills to build layer upon layer. So really strong base building period with a bit of quality in there and target race of the 25k gc festival in early December 2022. Had a really strong race there, placing 3rd in 1.40hr. Going through the half Mara in 1.25, 1min off pb then kicking down. Aim was to hold back early, settle, then I set her a challenge of kicking down to average sub 4.00’s for the last 8km and finish with a big negative split. Jess nailed the execution, which is something I’ve noticed she is great at, along with her ability to get the training done around her family and job. She has really set a great example to her kids of how to be healthy and work hard. Jess is also very mature in knowing how to read her body and if needed, take a day off. Big things in store for 2023 including GC running festival half, GC Half marathon

In another instalment of “Physiolife Physio Chat” – James Telford Senior Physiotherapist and Run2PB athlete joins the boys for a deep dive into the achilles. We hear about his own experience with it as he is on the road to recovery after a strain. James breaks down general causes, and provides some insights into how you can recover from it and what that road to recovery looks like, and also discusses the importance of communication with coach, podiatrists, sports doctors and having a ‘team in your corner

For more information contact James on or via

World record chat, this time features the fastest human/dog mile and they go into some wrinkle duck chat and let themselves down finding out wrinkles only covered 1k not a full marathon.

We also hear about Erchana’s final days and what the last lap of the tan and the festivities wil look like as she hits 150 marathons

You can support Erchana and follow her with these links IG:

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