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Meet the Coach: Brady Threlfall

5 Quick Questions with Brady.

Brady is currently one of Australia's elite marathon runners, has won the Australian Half Marathon Championships bronze medal, the Victorian Marathon title and has been a state representative on 9 occasions. 

Brady has impressive PBs:

3km (8.20),

5km (14.19), 

10km (30.05),

Half Marathon (1.06.27)

Marathon (2.20.15).

How long have you been running, and how did you it start?

I was a late starter to running and started when I was 16. I had little natural talent and it took me a number of years of stringing together training before I saw some significant results. I was lucky to have a great coach in Bendigo who was patient with me and developed my speed when I was still a junior. My Dad got me into running after I had a year as a boundary umpire and he saw some potential there.

What has been your greatest running achievement?

I'm really proud of my personal bests and some of the races I've won and competed in, however, my greatest achievement as a runner has been my consistently. I've been running at a high level for over 10 years and have not suffered even a minor injury. I've had some amazing experiences and achieved some great things in my running and I'm really proud of the long term approach I've taken.

What is your biggest tip to becoming a successful runner?

You have to firstly love it. I've been running 160-180km training weeks for a while now and still enjoy going out to run most days. To be a successful runner you have to train consistently and smartly, showing a lot of patience.

Favourite Training Session?

I enjoy the longer tempo and threshold sessions. (12-18km) They are usually at a pace that is fast but comfortable for me. Half Marathon to Marathon pace (3.05-3.20). I like getting in a rhythm and holding it. It probably explains why I've been most successful over the half marathon distance.

What excites you most about Run2PB?

I'm really excited about helping people achieve their goals. I've been lucky enough to have some amazing people help me over the years and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. I get excited about sharing that knowledge and experiences with others as they achieve theirs PBs.

(On Saturday, June the 5th 2016 Brady Threlfall attempted to run 3 x 3km time trials in 9mins and 12secs or less (The AFL draft record is 9mins and 15secs). A number of businesses pitched in and donated to the event. Brady raised $2500 in this charity challenge for Community Respite and Services)

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