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Meet the Coach: Zac Newman

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Zac is a long distance runner with a wealth of experience in track, cross country and road races spanning over 20 years of training and competitive experiences across the globe.

He has competed in major marathons include London, Chicago and the prestigious Lake Biwa Marathon in Japan, as well as finishing in the top 10 at the Melbourne Marathon on two occasions.

Zac is a multiple Victorian representative and two-time state champion over the half and full marathon.

10km (30.25)

Half Marathon (1.06.55)

Marathon (2.25.01)

How long have you been running, and how did it start?

I grew up with cricket, playing since I was 9, all the way through high school, however in the winter my lack of size didn't lend itself to contact sport, so running and in particular cross country became my focus! I started on the school cross country team in year 8, and each year I got better and better through consistent training and a genuine love for trying to get the best out of myself!

What has been your greatest running achievement?

My greatest achievement was winning my first state title in a new half marathon P.B at the Victorian Half Marathon Championships in 2016. It was a culmination of years of hard work, consistency and so rewarding to take a big slice off my P.B and win a race against a quality field. Following up that a month later, as part of the Victorian Marathon Team, I was also able to become the state champion over the marathon distance, finishing 4th at the Melbourne Marathon.

What is your biggest tip to becoming a successful runner?

Embrace the journey, be prepared to go through some highs and lows, but if you have a positive attitude and desire to be commit to the process. Running can become an amazing part of your life, I have made lifelong friends, learnt a lot about myself and been able to apply it to all aspects of my life.

Zac in the team photo on the MCG prior to finishing 4th at the Melbourne Marathon in a time of 2hrs 25mins.

Favourite Training Session?

I enjoy build up/pick up runs, particularly in a marathon build up phase, it's usually done with a pack of runners of similar ability, we might start out at 4min ks and work down through the gears over the run and in some instances by the end of the run you are rolling at close to 10k pace, and have completed up to 16k. I usually come away from that session with confidence if i have hit it well!

What excites you most about Run2PB?

I am really excited to work with a range of runners with Run2PB, I am keen to get on the journey together and share so much valuable knowledge I have gained of the past 20+ years and countless kms of training and competing. I feel that running offers so much more than just the physical benefits, it can really enrich peoples lives.

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