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Run2PB Coach Chris Armstrong's Race Day Wisdom for Conquering the Shepparton Running Festival

Chris Armstrong has a passion and dedication for distance running , and he loves coaching runners of all abilities. He is a fantastic contributor to the running community in Shepparton.

Chris is actively involved in the Shepparton Running Community as a regular volunteer at Shepparton parkrun, He is also the Head Coach at Shepparton Runners Club and an Run2PB Online Coach.

We caught up with ahead of the Shepparton Running Festival. for some tips ahead of this exciting event.

Race day – it's the moment you've been preparing for. As you lace up your shoes and stand on the precipice of an unforgettable adventure, Coach Chris Armstrong from Run2PB shares his invaluable tips to ensure you make the most of this exhilarating journey, particularly at the Campbell's Shepparton Running Festival.

Embrace the Familiar: Coach Chris emphasizes the importance of consistency. "Stick to Routine," he advises. "Race day is not the time to experiment. Stick to the training and nutrition plan you've practiced during your training." Staying true to your routines and strategies is key to success.

Harness the Power of Visualization: Beyond the physical, mental preparation is vital. Coach Chris suggests, "Visualize Success. Spend time imagining yourself overcoming challenges and crossing the finish line strong. Positive mental imagery can boost your confidence." Your mindset can shape your performance.

Master the Art of Timing: Arriving at the venue with ample time reduces stress, allowing you to warm up properly, check gear, and mentally prepare. A calm beginning sets the tone for a successful race.

Prime Your Body: A dynamic warm-up primes your muscles for action. Coach Chris recommends, "Warm Up Well. Gradually increase your heart rate and range of motion with light jogging, dynamic stretches, and strides." Your body's readiness ensures a smooth start.

Know Your Battlefield: Coach Chris emphasizes the importance of knowing the race course. "Know the Course. Familiarize yourself with its nuances – elevation changes and landmarks." This knowledge enables effective pacing and mental readiness.

Pace with Precision: "Start conservatively," Coach Chris advises. "Especially in longer races, avoid the temptation to sprint off. Patience is your ally for enduring performance." Work into the race with the knowledge that you can finish strong.

Mental Resilience Matters: Coach Chris urges, "Stay Mentally Focused. Break the race into segments or goals. Focus on the present, not the distance ahead." A strong mental game propels you through challenging moments Be ready for weather changes or unexpected obstacles. Flexibility in your strategy is key." An agile mindset equips you to handle any surprises.

Remember, this race is a testament to your dedication. The Campbell's Shepparton Running Festival beckons – your adventure awaits!

You can still enter and race! Sat 26 Aug & Sun 27 Aug 2023 Marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km, family 2km

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