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Run Coaching

Our expert coaches at Run2PB understand the intricate and unique demands of training for Triathlon races. We believe having a strong run leg will set you up for success on race day so you can execute your best race ever.

Our Running Triathlon specific programs will give you the confidence that on race day you can get off the bike and execute your best run leg ever!

Triathlon Run Training

to compliment your

bike and swim legs.


Our Running Triathlon Specific programs will give you the confidence that you can have your best race and run leg ever!

Be coached online to your best run leg ever.

Triathlon - Ironman - Duathlon 

 Meet your Coaches:



Sam’s racing experience spans close to 30 years across Multi Sport events such as Triathlon and Duathlon, along with Running and Cycling races. As a teenager he competed at a National level in Athletics and Cross Country running as well as being involved in elite junior Triathlon Teams. In 1993 he won the Australian National Junior Duathlon Championships before shifting into the elite senior ranks and focusing on Long Course Triathlon racing.


After gaining a Professional Triathlon racing licence in 1999 and competing in several Ironman Events worldwide, including twice at the Kona World Ironman Championships, Sam turned his focus towards coaching in endurance sports. For the past two decades Sam has been coaching in both the running and triathlon industry utilising his academic study, personal experience and exposure to various sports in this time.


Sam’s personal insights into the demands of distance running and triathlon has given him a great understanding and knowledge base to help athletes in their athletic journey. He takes a very integrated approach with his coaching methods to ensure his athletes maximise their training and racing performances.

6 x Kona Qualifier

National Duathlon Champion

Masters Champion

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 Meet your Coaches:

Cassidy Shaw

Cassidy grew up running from a very young age. He was running at a national level from age 10. His mum (Susan Hobson) who is a 3 time olympian in Distance running, always encouraged Cassidy to enjoy all the aspects that running brings.


From age 10 to 18, Cassidy ran both track and field and cross country at an elite level, being a junior national medalist in the 1500 and representing Australia at the World Schools cross country championships in 2016. He has an understanding of what it takes to achieve the goals you set yourself. 


As well as running, Cassidy has been a professional triathlete for the last 4 years. Travelling and racing around the world, competing in multiple world class races. With this comes a knowledge of the kind of cross training that can be incorporated into a program to make you a stronger athlete. He has been lucky enough to work with and under some of the best athletes and coaches in the sport, being guided by Craig Mottram for many years. With this Cassidy has also worked as a coach at a school level in Melbourne. In both Athletics and cross country, not only allowing kids to experience the sport, but also enjoy it along the way. 


Cassidy holds 3 key philosophies when

it comes to training:

1. You always have to have fun with it,

hard work is made easier when you love it. 

2. Consistency is the most important factor

to achieving the results you are after.

3. Patience is your best friend,

Goals worth achieving do not happen overnight. 

2021 2XU Triathlon Elite Series Champion

Online personalised running specific 

training programs to improve your Triathlon PB’s  

How do our run specific programs work?

When prescribing an athletes run program to improve their run leg in Triathlon events, our experienced coaches will carefully take into account your swim and bike training, and how this is impacting on your running development and race day performance. We will identify what changes need to be made with your current training, and implement a run specific program based on this.

What’s our coaching approach?

Our coaching philosophy is to ensure you are gaining the best outcomes from your run training, whilst still complementing your swim and bike training. We coach you as a Triathlete, not a runner. Our coaches understand all the disciplines of Triathlon, not just running. We will tell you when to run, how much to run and what pace. 

Short Course- Long Course - Ironman - Duathlons

How long does the program go for?

We encourage Triathletes to commit to 12 weeks for our Run Specific programs for those with 70.3 race goals, and 16 weeks for athletes training for IM races. We also offer ongoing programs for athletes with numerous race goals across the Triathlon season.

How do I get started?

After your initial phone consultation to discuss your Triathlon training and racing goals, your Run2pb coach will then plan and design your Run Specific program. Via Final Surge, you will have access to your program anytime, anywhere via your smartphone. Every training session is monitored with regular feedback to ensure you stay on track.

$349 AUD

12 Week Program

✔ Initial Discovery Call to discuss training and race goals

✔ Individualised Training Program

✔ 24/7 Access to our Online Training Platform

✔ Unlimited Communication with your coach via EMAIL.

✔ Unlimited Training Plan Modifications

✔ Plus so much more

12 Week Program

Ideal for:


Short & Long Course Triathlons

70.3 & Ironman

$449 AUD

16 Week Program

✔ Initial Discovery Call to discuss training and race goals

✔ Individualised Training Program

✔ 24/7 Access to our Online Training Platform

✔ Unlimited Communication with your coach via EMAIL.

✔ Unlimited Training Plan Modifications

✔ Plus so much more

16 Week Program

Ideal for:

 Long Course Triathlon



Online Personalised Coaching Includes:

Individualised Training Program

After assessing your running history, goals, lifestyle and time available, we construct a weekly personalised program to help you reach your goal.

Premium Online Training Platform

This allows total visibility to your online coach to view all your workouts live.

Its syncs with your calendar and you will get an email alert every single day with your program details. Its also a tool for providing feedback both physically and mentally with your online coach. We use the final surge training platform, it is recognised as one of the best training platforms in the world.

Initial Video Call Meeting

You get a chance to virtually meet your run coach, program details are discussed with any questions answered. We will also take you on a tutorial on how our innovative training platform final surge is used to ensure we monitor every single session during the training program.

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Unlimited Communication with your coach via EMAIL.

Access to your coach 24/7 for any questions relating to your program, response time will be within 1-2 days.

Unlimited Training Plan Modifications

​Using the final surge training platform all your training sessions are constantly monitored, as are other metrics such as sleep. The data is analysed and if required, your experienced coach will make changes to the program.

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Race Planning and Mental Strategy

Triathlons and Ironman's require careful race planning and tactics, your coach will be able to help you with a proven pacing and hydration strategy to get the very best result on race day.

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Expert Feedback

Every single training session is under the watchful eye of your coach.Your training loads monitored and daily feedback to ensure you stay on track.You will get insights into world class athletes and strategies to help with every session and race to help you achieve your P.B. 

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Discounts on Products and Services

We have a strong network of partners that you will gain access to, which gives you a range of discounts to assist you with your running journey. 

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Priority Access to Special Events and Training Camps

Run2PB hosts and partners with a number of events and as an athlete you will get pre sale options and be first in the know.

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Each day..Every Run..Every Session.

Sam Sign up
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Run2PB Athlete

More than anything the feedback is priceless. Having someone who knows what im doing, keeping an eye on you and letting you know your tracking has been 100% been what's been missing for me.

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Run2PB Athlete

It's been a real game change. I have been running on and off since I was in Primary School but now at 37, I have never been fitter.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 3.51.25 pm.png


Run2PB Athlete

“I did it sub 2hrs. Raced it beautifully, couple of tough hills but made up the time on the downhill. 

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