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Athlete Profile: Charles Jacobson

There is no doubt about it, Charles thrives when faced with a challenge and certainly isn't afraid to set some big goals, which is something we really admire here at Run2PB. However, what's impressed us most, is his drive and commitment to the process, which has ultimately led to some amazing performances and huge results.

Charles came to Run2PB in August of 2019, with the aim of finding an online coach who could take him to the next level. In steps Coach Andy Buchanan, an elite runner with incredible insight and expertise into the world of running. With a teaching background, Andy offers exceptional personal guidance and working together with Charles has assisted in steering him to accomplish some major goals.

Following 11 years of running and now aged 39, Charles has again set his sights high for 2020. A new P.B at the heart of distance running, the Boston Marathon.

Charles' 2019 has set him up perfectly to attack this goal, setting P.B's across the 5km, 10km and Half Marathon and most recently debuted in the Two Bays Trail Run over the 28km, coming through in an incredible performance with a Top 20 result! Please read on to find out more about this absolute legend.

How long you have been running:

On and off for 11 years. 

I hated running as a kid; bad memories of high school cross country! In 2009 I got into running to lose some weight before our wedding and before long found myself hooked and running 2 marathon in 2011. Not long after that life got in the way and with kids, a commute and a more taxing job, running stopped and I stacked on the weight. 

Then, 2 years ago during Christmas I found a bit of time to string a couple of slow jogs together, then a week’s worth, then suddenly it was a month, and I was into it again! I lost all of the weight and I started going in a few fun runs again. Then a colleague asked me to join his New York Marathon team and I said yes without thinking it through. So I went home and begged my wife to let me go. Then I crammed in about 8 weeks of training and finished with a 3:10 in New York which was the exact same time I’d run in my last marathon 7 years prior!

That was it, I was hooked again and I know this time I’m a lifelong runner.

Personal Bests:

5k: 18:06

10k: 37:22

Half marathon: 1:21:12

Marathon: 2:59:31

What do you love about running?

I’ve always struggled with my weight so initially I just loved seeing the weight drop off me, and knowing it would stay off if I continued to run. Ultimately that’s not a very healthy mindset and I’ve worked really hard to dissociate running and weight.

Nowadays I find so much positivity in running; it's how I explore the world and it does wonders for my mood and makes me a better person. It seems to do this for everyone because the community is amazing and I’ve never met a dickhead in running!

Why did you join Run2PB?

I signed up with Pat Carroll Running Group for the Gold Coast marathon and it was a revelation. I’d never done any training beyond lots of kilometres. Had never done any intervals or anything fast. It was a success and I got my sub-3. So from there I knew I wanted to go to the next level again and find something a little more personalised and also find a group and coach closer to me. Run2PB fit the bill perfectly. Also, I’m a massive fan of the Inside Running Podcast which made the decision easier!

Favourite Session

Anything where the intervals get shorter over time(!!) so probably the Mona Fartlek. I also like 1k reps.

What are you goals for 2020?

I’m running Boston in April which is something very special for me. My dad (who passed away a couple of years back) ran Boston in the 60s so it’s always been something I’ve dreamt about. It’s a much tougher course than Gold Coast (where I set my 2:59) so I’ll be thrilled with any time under 2:59.

How has Run2PB and being Coached by Andy Buchanan assisted your training?

Andy’s been great, he’s taken the time to understand me and what I love in running (mileage and races!!). The training has been really effective and he’s been happy to move things around whenever we need to. I’ve set PB's in the 5, 10 and half since we started in August - can’t argue with that!

Want to join the Run2PB team and be personally coached online by an elite athlete with a proven record of helping runners achieve their PBs?

If so, check out all the details at and fill out the 'Sign Up' form to start achieving your personal best today!

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