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Two Cents on Two Bays

Run2PB Coach, Steph Auston is the reigning Winner of the Two Bays 56km event. She has also finished Top 20 in the World Trail Running Championships. Steph is a Two Time Winner of the illustrious 6 Foot Track Marathon and UTA 22km Trail Run. Let's hear her thoughts on this iconic race.

I raced my first ever Two Bays 56km in 2019, as my comeback race after breaking my foot in 2018. It was a great, well run (pardon the pun) event and has a definitive character about it!

Here are my 2 cents on having a good day out there 😊

1/ Wait for the bell- All races I aim to come home stronger than I went out- the 56km race doesn’t start until you hear the chime of the bell (at the 28km, half way turn around) - to that point focus on being on a trail run with friends- chat and take snaps.

When you ring the bell, it’s time to change that focus as your race has started! For those in the 28km you don’t have a bell, you have a lighthouse to signify the race start!

2/ Have mantras for mountains- Hills can hurt if you go too hard too early, leaving you with cramping or burning legs- aim to grind and grin your way to the top- bounce don’t burn is what I tell my legs on the way up! Decide to hike (rather than be forced by fatigue!) and think hot heels to make your feet move quick and get through those hills.

3/ Hike to run hustle shuffle- When is best to start running again after a hilly hike? There are some steep sections that 99% of the field will hike. First, it's no good pretending it won’t hurt, as different muscles come back into action.

However, the quicker you hustle to a shuffle, the quicker the pain will go! Just take a deep breath in- gradually let the breathe back out, lean forward with a skip to your step to initiate a shuffle and just keep going- as long as you lean forward (keep hustling) you’re feet will know what to do (and you will keep shuffling) and next minute you are back running 👌

4/ Let the Lighthouse guide you home- It’s a big buzz running back and seeing the lighthouse at Cape Schanck, an exquisite beacon to help guide you home. However, don't let it fool you, as you still have a bit of running left to get there!

Tell yourself it looks closer every time you get a glimpse of it (even if it doesn’t!) and enjoy the km you are in rather than wish it was over. Break it down into 2km segments - drink or eat every 2km from when you see the lighthouse to ensure you finish strong.

Most of all enjoy the gorgeous trail, the energy of the volunteers (make sure you thank them or give them a smile for them giving you their time!) and remember we get to do this for fun 😊

Happy running!

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