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Athlete Profile: Nicole Fels

Nicole joined Run2PB in March as part of the #sub20project in a quest to not only to improve her 5km parkrun P.B, but also improve her running across all distances all the way up the half marathon.

Nicole has already achieved so much with her running, a Boston Marathon finisher in 2014, and boasting a 42min 10km P.B. As a busy working mum, she continues to inspire her family and local community with her dedication and commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Nicole is actively involved with her Parkrun as volunteer, run director and regular runner.

Coached by Zac Newman, they have mapped out a structured program together with an exciting calendar of races ahead including the Gold Coast Marathon Festival in July all the way through to the Melbourne Marathon Festival in October later in the year.


Personal Bests:



Half Marathon-1:35:18

Marathon: 3hr.37mins

What do you love about running?

I love running for that feeling of freedom and also the calming effect it has on me. I tend to do everything a million miles an hour and am always racing around between family, work and social commitments. Running is that relaxation time for myself where I forget about all the stress and business of life. I love how it makes me feel strong and ready to tackle my day. 


How Run2PB has assisted your training?

After a few years of getting injured every time I increased my distance and then making the same mistakes over and over again, Run2PB has given me the structure to mix hard and easy days in a sensible way so I have been able to build my distance up again. It’s also helped me feel more confident in getting my speed back and being patient and trusting the plan.

After just a few weeks of training I have seen great improvements and feel confident these will continue :) 

2019 Race Calendar:
  • July: Gold Coast Marathon Festival, Gold Coast (10k / Half Marathon)

  • August: Sunshine Coast (Half Marathon)

  • August: Bridge to Brisbane, Brisbane (10k)

  • September: Twilight Run, Brisbane (10k)

  • October: Melbourne Marathon Festival (10k)

Follow Nicoles journey on instagram via @runningnic

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