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EP121: Better with Running Podcast

In this episode of Better with Running Podcast, Zacca and Chriso talk through a few workouts. Chris starts to get his mojo back hitting a solid session of 1min on and offs and then backs up with a strong Sunday run which included a threshold. Zacca hits the ‘donut’ and gets back on the red stuff for a few sets of 400m reps, a pace change gets the wheels turning and then heads down to gods country with his mate Josh Papa to join Run2PB Coaches Matt Davy, Gemma and Ollie for a run and pub session.

Around the grounds features a sub 40min 10km on the Track in Melbourne and a massive marathon P.B over in Texas, USA.

Special guest Steve ‘Kiwi’ Langdon who has a background in Sports Psychology comes back on the podcast to tackle the importance of self talk and the benefits of using “ You” vs “I” in training and racing. We hear about ways you can work on this aspect in your running, with some practical advice.

Steve hangs around for some world record chat including an update on BWRs very own Erchana Murray-Bartlett, as she heads towards Sydney, uncle chen and new race rules that may bring him unstuck and we learn about a unique 24hr race held in Oslo, Norway.

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