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Meet the Coach: Jack Davies

5 Quick questions with Jack

Jack competing at the Australian Cross Country Championships.

Jack commenced his running career as a junior in Ballarat, where he grew up. He had great success, making multiple state teams for both track and cross country. At this time, a huge accomplishment was also met, when he qualified to represent Australia. Jack pulled on the Australian singlet as a member of both the World Junior Cross Country team and World Schools Cross Country team.

Since becoming a senior Jack has moved to Melbourne.In 2016, rolling around the hallowed turf at the Stawell Gift,Jack won the illustrious Herb Hedemann Mile. His form continued in 2017 including a 6th at the World Cross Country Trials race in Canberra, Jack narrowly missed selection for the Australian Senior Mens Country Team.

This year, Jack broke a lifetime goal of 30min in the 10km, running 29.33.

His career highlights to date are:

  • 2nd World Schools Cross Country Championships, Malta, 2012

  • 49th World Junior Cross Country Championships, Poland, 2013

  • Junior Victorian Cross Country Champion, 2014

  • 1st  Stawell Gift Herb Hedemann Mile, Victoria 2016

  • 2nd Senior Mens Victorian Cross Country Championship, Victoria 2016

  • 5th National Cross Country Championships, Canberra 2016

  • 6th Australian World Cross Country Trials Race, Canberra 2017

  • 4th Victorian 10km Road Championships, Albert Park 2019

How long have you been running, and how did you get started?

I have been running since 2005. As a 10 year old, before every school day started we were required to run the perimeter of the grounds while being timed. I guess this was my first taste of what a big part of running was really about - you against yourself. After that initial interest was sparked, I started jogging with my parents as they were doing 3-4 runs per week at the time. I had some great mentors growing up which resulted in some success at school and club athletics, and haven't looked back since then. 

What has been your greatest running achievement?

My biggest achievement to date would be getting the opportunity to run for Australia at the World U20 Cross Country Championships in Poland. We had a strong team of runners, with 4 Aussies finishing in the top 50. On a different note, another would be making a return to form after 2 years of injury and health issues breaking a lifetime goal of a sub 30min 10km. 

Jack representing Australia at the World Junior Cross Country Championships

What is your biggest tip to becoming a successful runner?

As easy as it sounds, staying consistent. This means listening to your body, taking it easy when it's required and knowing when to push hard. I have learnt that runners tend to see their program and smash the training everyday, often resulting in becoming fatigued or sore

I learnt this the hard way a few years ago. 52 weeks at 85-90% is always better than alternating 10 weeks at 100% and 5 weeks at 0%. Seeking medical advice early when sore, developing a strength program that is catered for you and communicating with your coach are all great tips to staying consistent and becoming a successful runner. 

Favourite Training Session?

My favourite session would be the long threshold workouts. Usually 30min of running at the heart rate just below the point at which you produce more lactate than your body can clear. It is a great session for building aerobic capacity. It can be done on the flat surface or in the hills, where it is a lot more challenging to keep the heart rate consistent. The average pace of your workout will be a lot slower but the hill work provides added strength. I like these workouts because you can build a good rhythm, settle in and gain a lot of confidence when done well. 

What excites you most about Run2PB?

I know how good it feels to run a PB or run something you have been aspiring to do.

Run2PB help's others achieve that feeling. Running has so many benefits and this platform is a perfect way to help others fall in love with the sport and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the process. 

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