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Welcome to Run2PB

We are a group of passionate athletes and friends who over many kms on the trails and races across the world have shared some amazing moments together.

We continue to pursue personal goals in a range of events from 5km track races, 10km road races through to the marathon. 

As all great ideas happen on runs and the foundations of Run2PB was no exception, after countless km’s together, we decided that with our combined love for the sport, experience and desire to help people, the time was right to share and impart our knowledge on a grander scale via this coaching platform.

We are all dedicated to helping each and every individual with a passion for pursuing their own personal best.

Our experience across a range of distances on the track, road and cross country provide valuable insight into how to best prepare for these events, not only with a huge range of training sessions, but experience with nutrition, strength and conditioning and recovery.

We also understand the balancing act that often comes with running. 

We are all successfully managing our training commitments with full time careers so we also understand the value of work-life balance and how best to manage your time.

You can read more about our personal achievements here.

We will be using this blog to share articles, long and short about all things running, from time to time, we will have guests and we will always strive to create content thats engaging, useful and interesting.

If there are any topics that you would like us to pay particular attention to,

please shoot us an email.

Gemma Maini Brady Threlfall Matt Davy Zac Newman

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